Cleanse, Empower, Nourish

Located in a calming environment with natural surroundings, The LifeCo's most comprehensive branch in Phuket, offers various detox and healthy nutrition programs, to provide the most effective and foundational results in 4-21+ day stays. Through use of 15+ year old effect-proven signature programs, all natural treatments and therapies and a strong emphasis on education, the journey to optimal well-being begins here.



Daily nutrition plan (Including scheduled meals, juices, shots and supplements)

Daily Colon Cleansing Therapy (Angel of Water)

1 x Massage Therapy (Each Week)

Yoga & Meditation Group Sessions (2 x Day)

Daily use of Infrared Sauna, Steam Room, Pools

Daily use of Turbosonic Vibration Therapy

Daily use of Biophoton

1 x Doctor Consultation (Each Week)

2 x Body Composition Analysis (First Day / Last Day)

Raw Food Workshop (3 x Week)

Dr.Thomas Lodi - Lectures and Talks on Integrative Health (Every Weekday)

Mindful Beach Walk (Every Morning)

Rebirthing Breathing Therapy (2 x Week)

Mandala Painting Session (1 x Week)

Tai Chi, Yin Yoga, Sound Healing Therapy (1 x Week)

Shuttle Service to Beach Every Hour (1 Km)

Included in all Detox & Healthy Nutrition Programs

First day of arrival, you will go through a set of measurements and consultations with your program coordinator and the doctor. Most suitable detox and nutrition program for your needs and goals will be selected and the ideal program will begin. 

*Any detox and healthy nutrition program will include the same services and will have the same price.

Program Begins When You Arrive

The LifeCo Phuket Clinic

Integrative Health & Anti-Aging Therapies

"The ideal place to detoxify and rejuvenate."

We will get in touch with you

After you initial form submission our team will get in touch with you to provide more information and answer your questions and requests.

Reinforce Your Unique Selling Proposition


360° Approach in Detoxification & Well-Being

Natural Healing Through 8 Programs


100+ IV Therapies

Diagnostic Tests

Hormone Balancing Treatments

Natural Therapies

Extensive Lab Testing

Disease Management

Liver & Blood Detoxification

Weight Loss

Re-set Digestive System

Enhanced Gut Flora & Colon Health

Radiant Skin

Alkaline Blood

Balanced Blood Sugar and Blood Pressure

Lymphatic Cleansing

Increased Daily Energy

Chronic Disease Prevention

Auto-Immune Diseases

Diabetes Type-l & Type-ll 

Metabolic Syndromes


Cardiovascular Conditions

Eczema / Psoriasis / Skin Rashes


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic Disease Management

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